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Stabilising Solution (Weatherflex) Stabilising Solution (Weatherflex)

Stabilising Solution (Weatherflex)

Coverage: 4-5 sq m / litre

Product Code: 72WSS

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  • Paint straight after rendering (eliminates alkaline staining)
  • Binds & Primes chalking surfaces
  • Improve paint adhesion
  • Stabilise flaky residues
  • Eco-friendly (solvent free)

Weatherflex Stabilising Solution is the ideal companion product to our "Weatherflex" masonry paint and allows you to effectively stabilise or harden "less than perfect" walls or substrates in preparation for the application of "Weatherflex". Improves adhesion, depth of colour finish and often reduces the amount of paint applied.

Supplied ready to use for application by brush, roller or low pressure sprayer. One coat is normally sufficient but very porous surfaces may require an additional application. Drying time depends on ambient temperature but generally 4 to 8 hours. Do not apply if air or surface temperature are below 8 °C.

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