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Exterior Masonry Wall Paint and Coatings

Welcome to Kingfisher's - dedicated to the manufacture and provision of professional grade exterior paints and masonry coatings, manufactured and delivered direct to you from our Lakeland factory.

When choosing paint for exterior masonry and brickwork, you are making a considerable investment in both labour time and material. So, if you are a contractor, you need confidence that the outdoor paint you select will be durable in the long term and easy to work with on site.

If buying brick paint for your own home you want the same, plus a great range of shades and the outstanding depth of colour that you only get from a premium formula masonry paint coating. Kingfisher's extensive range of Weatherflex and Kolourseal exterior wall paints offer just that and are based on over twenty years of experience and technological development.

Durable, Professional Masonry and Wall Paints

Weatherflex masonry paint is a tough professional quality masonry paint which is also breathable. It can be applied by either brush or Roller and comes in either textured or smooth finishes. Kolourseal is our spayable wall paint designed with the professional applicator in mind. Both brands come in a range of colours, Weatherflex's range is inspired by depth of colour and raw beauty of the Lakeland landscape.

Extreme Climate is our one coat clear finish masonry sealer. Using Fluorocarbon water repellent technology it protects masonry, keeps it looking its best and can help reduce heat loss by up to 50%.

Textured Masonry Paint (Weatherflex) Brilliant White 10 Litres
Textured Masonry Paint (Weatherflex)

Price: £ 31.95

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Smooth Masonry Paint (Weatherflex) Wast Water Black 5 Litres
Smooth Masonry Paint (Weatherflex)

Price: £ 18.95

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Kolourseal Sprayable Wall Coatings Stoker Grey 20 Litres
Kolourseal Sprayable Wall Coatings

Price: £ 110.00

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Extreme Climate - Next Generation Water Seal 5 Litres
Extreme Climate - Next Generation  Water Seal

Price: £ 55.95

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